The author’s maze

The Apprentice had for years been searching for the great author. Now, the young writer had finally found him and the Great one had read his articles.

The Apprentice: The Great one, for you welcoming me I am eternally grateful.

The Great one: Young one. I have read your articles.

The Apprentice: Please tell me; do you see potential? Will I be like you?

The Great one: All I see is errors and repetitions…

The Apprentice: Let me revise my work. I still have a lot to learn. More than anything I want to be like you.

The Great one: At least you have coherence and melody in your writings.

The Apprentice: What does that mean? Will I be like you?

The Great one: You have already asked that. Why this zealous need for repetition? You do not hold speeches, you write poetry.

The Apprentice: I repeat my self since I have not been given an answer. However, I am no longer sure that I even want to hear it.

The Great one: Come to my castle, dressed in a simple tunic. Nothing else you can bring! With me, you shall stay for three years. When the time has passed you will be complete.

The Apprentice: But you Great one. I have a life where I live. Relationships and belongings. I can not leave everything behind.

The Great one: Then you are not ready.

The Apprentice: Is there no other way?

The Great one: No, you have to let go of everything and come to me with a peace of mind.

The Apprentice was silent for a long moment before responding. Just as he, silently, formulated the answer for himself.

The Apprentice: Everything that makes me happy is holding me back.

The Great one: You start to understand.

The Apprentice: You have with your words made me lucid. Now, I know where we shall meet.

The Great one: I have always known.

The Apprentice left behind a great loss. However, it did not last long. After a year everyone had forgotten him, and the young man had forgotten them.

Marcus Lagercrantz