The young General

Dystopic stories about fascist and totalitarian regimes are there no shortage on. We have The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick, 1984 by George Orwell and many more. However, I hope to be able to offer another story that goes far into the future where technology has become so advanced that man has terraformed and colonized other celestial bodies in our solar system. Like the US in our timeline, replaced the European empires as the dominant superpower alongside the Soviet Union in the world, now the free planet of Mars threatens the empires of Earth. Friedrich, one of the main characters in the book, is a General in the most totalitarian of the empires. The Germanic Empire, that can be seen as a continuation of Bismarck’s Germany which has gone way too far and in the wrong direction. This is a story about the Thousand-Year Reich that have terrorized Earth. This is a sample of a larger work told from Friedrich’s perspective.


Once great cities perished in the course of a day. The German Empire expanded and was named the Germanic Allied Emperor Federation, which in daily speech we now call Germania. We drilled down Uranium bombs at strategic locations around the planet. Bombs destined to burst if the war-mongering and bloodthirsty Anglo-Americans once again tried to bring the world into another world war. However, the energy sources of the bombs would be empty within a thousand years, because that was how it was decided in the peace contract. The former war of the second millennia was indeed started by us Germans, but it was the Anglo-Americans who began to wage war against the civilian population. We answered with the same means. The millennial peace that came after was named Pax Germanica. Pax Germanica was insured by the very bombs that destroyed those cities. I did only experience Pax Germanica for two years. Two years that I myself do not remember. Because the very day the peace contract went out, on the New Year’s Eve year 3000, the Anglo-Americans tested 20 bombs in their deserts. My uncle Armin had been working on a story in New Guinea when the Anglo-Americans detonated their bombs in northern Australia. He had then seen with his own eyes how the sky, miles away, turned in colors he had never observed before.

Friedrich Fuchs


Friedrich woke up just before 5 o’clock in his home located in an apartment complex on the 31st floor in the central part of the great African city of Langenburg. One minute before the alarm went off, he got up. He always did so. The alarm worked mostly as a security if he would not wake up by himself. Friedrich couldn’t remember the last time he’d slept past 5 o’clock, maybe he’d never done it. In normal order, he took on his black morning-robe made from black high-quality woolen yarn. The robe had he received from his uncle, Armin when he was 16 years of age. Armin had bought it during a work trip as a journalist in the Germanic enclave and peninsula of Crimea, located south of Ukraine on the shore to the Black Sea. Friedrich had never been to Europe, he’d only read about the continent but never smelled its cities and landscapes. The lights in the apartment gradually became stronger to simulate the sunrise a summer morning in the ancestral land of Germania.

He walked with bare feet from the bedroom through the living room and into the bathroom. There he remained for a while standing in front of the bathroom mirror. He looked at himself with disgust. Thoroughly he observed the dark circles under his eyes, the rough hair and his morning stubble that had penetrated his smooth skin during the night. With a snatch, he opened the box under the sink and took out his electronic razor and burned the stubble off.

Friedrich Fuchs, with his 32 years, was the youngest general in Germania in over a century. 32 years, General and already invited to an audience with the emperor. In a week he would go to Berlin, meet the emperor and attend the next council meeting in Große Halle. For the first time, he would visit Europe. And, not only that, he would sit at the top of the Germanic hierarchy, in the Germanic Council, and have a voice. He could not get closer to power than that.

A message appeared on Friedrich’s watch. The hovercraft had arrived. He walked out through the door locked it and turned off the lights in the apartment, all with a simple touch on his watch. The elevator in the building was narrow and had only space for two people, but it was efficient in that way that it did what it should and took him down in a few seconds.

As he walked out of the gateway, he left the cool building and was swamped by the African morning heat. Ten meters away, just below the marble staircase leading up to the gate, a silvery cab hovered. The door slid up as he approached and Friedrich sat down in the hovercraft.

”Good morning General Fuchs, how has the night been”, said the driver.

”Dreamless and still, the mare didn’t visit me tonight”, Friedrich answered and then looked in the mirror on the seat in front of him to straighten his red tie.

The driver continued, ”I am pleased with that answer Mr. Fuchs, even though I never believed in either nightmares or demons, I am glad that the sleep paralysis did not torment you this night”.

”You’re probably right, I will no longer torment you with my delusions, Chauffeur”.

”It doesn’t matter to me, it’s just sympathetic with a General who worries, it shows humanity”. Friedrich released the tie a bit and met the driver’s look in the rear-view mirror. ”Have you been ordered to be kind to me”.
The driver laughed, ”No General Fuchs, no. Now you’re being paranoid. Do you have an Anglo-American spy after you again? ”.
“Funny, no Anglo or demon. I am a man of reason ”.
Still laughing, the driver replied, ”As you wish general”.

After a moment of silence, Friedrich continued, ”I feel sorry for the Anglo-Americans”.
”Why General?”
”The Anglos has never been allowed a single moment of real mental freedom, free from indoctrination, during their life”.

”And you don’t think they say the same about us, General”.

”Perhaps, but we follow the laws of nature, the whole Germanic culture does what is in accordance with our Volksgeist and follows the God-given law of nature. The Anglos, on the other hand, is unfaithful to their nature. Lately, in my studies in the Anglo language, have I read their great works. It has become clear to me that obnoxious opinions on both liberalism, distorted morality and the absence of a conventional religion are forced on them already from the mother’s milk. The Anglo hear all his life horrible lies sung in swelling melodies. The most horrible and displeasing lies are integrated into all instruments of society as they were tones of sacred music.”


In the Germanic Law from the year 2232, it is stated that it is the Germanic Empire’s task to ensure that every German in the whole of Germania reaches its full potential. So that the Germanic breed becomes better and more viable for every generation. During the millennial peace, the Germanic Empire’s school policy became increasingly fierce. The Germans who did not meet the school’s tough demands. They were sterilized so that their inept genes could not be passed on. That is why the Germans, according to themselves, developed into a superior race and a natural candidate for a future Galactic Empire.


”Do you think the Anglo-Americans are beyond salvation, General”, the driver continued.

“I don’t know, but one thing is for sure. If the Anglos regained their natural vitality and broke free from their chains, the bloodthirst would be extinguished and final peace could be achieved. After all, they are neither genetically nor linguistically so different to us Germans. What sets us apart is really just our civilizations. Theirs is corrupt. And a corrupt civilization lacks reason. The people who today populate the Anglo-American world lack reason, initiative, and freedom of thought. Without reason, war has no consequences ”.

”But General, would you not feel the need for revenge if another civilization destroyed our great cities?”

“It was a thousand years ago, New York and London are rebuilt and greater than ever. And besides, you know as well as I do that the bombs were dropped of necessity, without the uranium bombs none of us would sit here today. Langenburg would probably never been built”

The hovercraft arrived at the Tanganian government building. Friedrich thanked the driver and stepped back into the heat. He was met by some security guards that escorted him into the building.


I grew up in horror about the downfall of humanity and that war could break out at any time. The Germanic Empire introduced a two-year mandatory military service for all men under the age of 30. A military service that later called for me. However, it was neither the Anglo-Americans, the French nor the Chinese that I had to direct my weapon against. It was Aurora, the most beautiful woman that ever walked on a celestial body. She ruined my home but won my heart.

Friedrich Fuchs


”Welcome General Fuchs,” exclaimed the Imperial Governor Konrad Schmiterlöw.
”Always a pleasure your eminence,” replied Friedrich with the calm voice he was known for.
”Congratulations to your promotion General.”
”I haven’t got it yet, all I know is that I will temporarily be moved to Berlin.”
”Don’t be naive General, you know as well as I do that a call from the Emperor means promotion.”
”You may be right, but I have learned during life that never, and I mean never, proclaim victory in advance.”
”Mr. Fuchs you will be moved to the space-fleet, I have your promotion here.”

Konrad Schmiterlöw pressed on his watch and a hologram was projected from the watch’s holo-camera. Friedrich read the hologram and was shocked. It was signed by the Emperor himself. It really was a promotion. Friedrich would not just leave Tangania he would leave Earth.

A week later he sat on a government flight on his way to Berlin.


To be continued…

Marcus Lagercrantz